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Born 1971 on the mountains of Southtirol (I) I started early to like cross culture music and mix those. That`s the reason because different playlists are named as "sonarmigration" and "crossinglobal" I played in very different and beautiful places, from soundescapes to sunrise, north south west, black&white&co because I could lived in different places-tanx-god-tanx all.

I studied work&organizational psycology and work since 2007 as coach, supervisor and organizational developer.

I´m a lucky father


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Mag. phil. - socialpsychology: As son of migrants and as a migrant myself, I analysed under a socialpsycological point of view and with qualitative methods, a country internal migration fenomen:

"Die Migration von sizilianischen Männern nach Südtirol" 1998 Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck (A) - Institut für Psychologie


Dr. rer. nat. (PhD.) - occupational health psychology: Then I analysed under a organizational democracy and occupational health psychology interest, the effects of the  organizational culture on stakeholder, workers and the leadership, developed at the worldwide notable NO RESTRAINT Department of mental health of Trieste (I): "Ein Walzer offener Türen. Eine arbeits- und organisationspsychologische Analyse der Reformpsychiatrie Triest" 2007

Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck (A) - Institut für Psychologie


Psychology of sport & mentalcoaching: "Sportpsychologie und Mentalcoaching im Leistungssport", Univ.Klinik Innsbruck (A) - Institut für Sport- und Kreislaufmedizin (150 ECM) 2006


Coach/Supervisor: I work since 2004 as a Coach&Supervisor with the postgraduated formation in "Integrative Supervision und Organisationsentwicklung"  EAG-Europäische Akademie für psychosoziale Gesundheit - FPI - Fritz Perls Institut Düsseldorf - dreijährig, 726 ECM i.A.) 2006


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