Interaction performance Festival: An interaction between experimental electronic performer and analogic musicians like Michele Rabbia,  Marcello Fera, Maurizio Nardo, Alessio Bertallot, Simon Rainer, Andreas Unterholzner, Magnitudo performance, Stefano Bernardi, The Bad Bastards, Opas Diandl, Carlo Benzi and singers like Gaia Mattiuzzi and much more.

LIEBERTÁ is an evening filling piece by Martina Marini and me. Even since 2014 Anastasia Kostner is dancing. Liebertá tells on the topic of freedom, love and the interrelation between both. Through the dancing journey of the character in interplay with the music and the DJ himself, this very universal topic is addressed in various ways. Interviews of local people show the cultural meaning of the words and let the audience feel part of the whole happening.

Performance-installation: On the occasion of Christian Martinelli's "100 clouds project" photo exhibition at ES-ART GALLERY I designed "Sound of my clouds": visitors had the opportunity to compose their own music track starting from a electroacustic precomposing; just looking and observing one of the photographer's cloud.

In collaboration with Marcello Fera (music), Daniel Mazza & Giuseppe Tedeschi (video-installation), Markus Steiner Ender (software programming)

Performance live act: "100 ZONE SONGS" is a Audio CD. It was a project for the contemporary art festival "LanaLive". As DJ and occupational health experts I collected the songs, which people of a industrial zone gladly listen to at work. From the songs I mixed a live broadcast on radio sunshine, a live concert for the same festival and for the festival "The Others" Turin.